Amalla Su
Amalla in MolMolian attire.
Biographical Information

Island Republic of MolMol


May 9, 1982


June 21, 2007



Physical Information







175cm (5' 10")


86cm - 57cm - 83cm
(34" - 22" - 33")

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Blood Type


Family and Political Information
Known Relatives

King Su (adoptive father)
Kaolla Su (sister)
Lamba Lu (husband, adoptive brother)


Island Republic of MolMol

"You know, you don't always have to grow up to become an adult. I wish I had somebody to tell me that."
—Amalla Su

Amalla Su (アマラ・スゥ, Amara Sū) is a character from the series Love Hina by Ken Akamatsu and a protagonist in Kuro Arashi: The Black Storm. She is Kaolla Su's elder sister, King Su's adopted daughter, and the other princess of the Island Republic of MolMol.

When questioned, Amalla claims to be from a desert near Tokyo, despite Tokyo being nowhere near any deserts. Amalla has a pet albino alligator named Shiro, and also has a magical flute capable of changing the weather.


Early LifeEdit

Born as a princess of the Island Republic of MolMol, when Amalla's father passed away he was succeeded by Lamba Lu's father who adopted both Amalla and her sister, Kaolla Su, into his family.

Visit to Hinata-SouEdit

Not wishing to take on the responsibilities of her royal station, Kaolla ran away to eventually live at the Hinata-Sou.

Some time later, Amalla left for Hinata when she felt Kaolla's torment over remaining a child and growing up to be with her step-brother; brought on by Keitaro Urashima's presence. While finding Keitaro and discerning that he was the source of Kaolla's plight, Amalla attempts to bed him in order to make Kaolla lose interest in Keitaro.

When Lamba Lu arrives at Hinata, Amalla also appears; once again sensing Kaolla in turmoil. Assisting her prince in convincing Kaolla to marry, it is eventaully revealed that Amalla herself nurses feelings for Lamba and, on Kaolla's behest, Lamba apologizes to her for his lack of attention.

It is implied that, following their return to MolMol, Amalla and Lamba are wed.

The Fall of the KingdomEdit

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On the 21st of June, Namusan Sapou made his bid for power. Having revived his demonic legions, he led an attack against the kingdom. Amalla survived an assassination attempt, killing her would-be assassin in the process, and joined her father and Lamba in the throne room. Together, Lamba and Amalla convinced the king to meet Namusan's forces in battle.

When Namusan's army breached the throne room, Amalla fought alongside her father, Lamba, and the remaining defenders against the inhuman enemy. Her speed and grace allowed her to slay many of Namusan's soldiers while avoiding harm in return. Unfortunately, she was unaware of the fact that Lamba was under possession by Kawakami Gensai, who stabbed her in the back when she attempted to inform her father of the nature of the only weapons capable of harming Namusan.

As she lay dying, she watched Namusan murder her father and declare the fall of the royal family.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Animal Companion, Shiro: A huge albino aligator, Shiro is completely at Amalla's command, listening to her and attacking others at her word.
  • Magical Prowess: Amalla's flute bears the seemingly magical ability to call forth lightning when she plays it. It also seems to be able to change the weather.