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Arlington Magic Society
Agency overview
Formed December 26, 1901
Preceding agencies Various American Magic Societies
American Institute for Paranormal Events and Enforcement
Jurisdiction United States of America and associated Territories as well as Military Regions
Headquarters Heinlein Facility
Employees Classified
Annual budget Classified
Agency executives Fyodor Nakamura, Director of the Arlington Magic Society
Berthold Kaufmann, Deputy Director of Zeus Directorate
Jackson Mueller, Deputy Director of Athena Directorate
Laura M. Reyes, Deputy Director of Hephaestus Directorate
Parent agency Central Intelligence Agency (via National Clandestine Service)
Disclaimer: Not a real US Government agency, but a fictional one for the Kuro Arashi universe.

The Arlington Magic Society (AMS) is a paramilitary government agency that provides numerous services for the United States Government in dealings with paranormal, supernatural, and magical fronts. These range from diplomatic presence and observation of other magic associations up to covert operations necessitating the use of applicable force. For practical chain of command, all field agents are commissioned as Lieutenants in the United States Military, with senior agents moving upwards according to mission. The AMS is partially in control of civilians, but operates as if it were a military branch. Security is tight within AMS, with many of its agents and employees receiving a job gain a Top Secret clearance. Unless a situation would ignite to the point of being highly visible, the United States President and his Cabinet is not breifed on the functions of the society and only a Senate Committee and the US Joint Chiefs of Staff have true understanding of the secretive and highly unorthodox government agency.


Organized into three departments with its own specialty, they are named after Greek Gods and Goddesses as well as notable figures from Greek Mythology. The exception would be their facilities. Zeus Directorate is the overall administrative department, dealing with human resources, administration, approvals, and whatnot. The smallest department in terms of manpower compared to the other two, they wield considerable political clout, being able to convince the secretive Senate Oversight Committee as well as the US Joint Chiefs of Staff to grant permission for budgets and missions. The current head of the Arlington Magic Society is Director Fyodor Nakamura, a long-living Russo-Japanese mage, who defected to the United States when Japan started to become highly militarized in the 1920s and 1930s.

Zeus Directorate - Administrative and Diplomatic[]

Athena Directorate - Operations and Intelligence[]

Hephaestus Directorate - Research, Development, and Manufacture[]


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