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Brushfire Conflicts

Unification War


Duel at Hinata




Polarization of major global power centers to either coalition or opposition forces

The Brushfire Conflicts were a series of small-scale engagements that took place between the years of 2006 and 2010, and led up to the Unification War. These events include any and all conflicts or battles that involved major players or factions that took part in the Unification War.

Key BattlesEdit

Duel at HinataEdit

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The duel at Hinata was a decisive move by Kawakami Gensai, spirit bound to Seno Nakakami's own, to release himself from the ties that bound him to the swordman. Due to Seno's soul being the binding factor, in oder for Gensai to be released, Seno's death was the requirement. In a vile move, he rapes Seno's girlfriend, Motoko Aoyama with the man's likeness in order to set her upon him in battle. The result was Seno taking his own life upon Motoko's blade, once he realized what had happened.

Duel at KyotoEdit

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The duel at Kyoto was a fight that took place at the Shinmeiryu dojo between Tsuruko Aoyama and Seno Nakakami, with eventual intervent by Motoko Aoyama. The battle itself was the result of the events that causes the duel at Hinata, in that Seno went to Tsuruko Aoyama to seek forgiveness for her sister's rape, though it was not Seno's fault, and Tsuruko saw as much.

The duel began as a test of Seno by Tsuruko, who was attempting to discern whether she ought to allow the man to marry her sister and eventually also became a test of Motoko's affection for Seno and growth as a woman. The result of the duel was Seno defeat by Tsuruko, Tsuruko's defeat by Motoko, Tsuruko's strategic victory and Seno's proposal to Motoko.

Skirmish at PararakelseEdit

Kuro Arashi vs. Mahou TenEdit

Sack of MolMolEdit

Mages vs. MarsEdit