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Destiny Unwritten: Squad Six is a planned fan fiction to be authored by MizuJakkaru, as part of the Project: Arashi series of works. It is planned to be the prequel to Future Perfect: Chao Lingshen's Tale and follow the stories of Squad Six, the set of characters that die in Future Perfect. It is planned to cover most majorly Akira Miyazaki, Dave Akashi and Satoshi Asakura.


  • The work's name choice was three-fold. The first being that the title reflects Squad Six's original source material's title, the second being that the characters were originally meant to be cameo roles, leaving their stories untold until the work itself was plotted, and the third and final facet of the title being that character's stories were, in truth, unwritten when Chao left the timeline in Future Perfect, causing the characters of Squad Six to never be born in the proper Kuro Arashi timeline.