Throughout the universe of Project: Arashi, a number of fictional literary pieces have been mentioned or quoted, primarily in Kuro Arashi: The Black Storm. Below is a list of the pieces known, with an explaination as to what each one is.

List of WorksEdit

Dragon of HinataEdit

Seno Nakakami's autobiography.

From MolMol With LoveEdit

Kaolla Su's autobiography

Heavenly Sword, Revised EditionEdit

Areference book on the complete history of Shinmeiryu, updated to include Motoko Nakakami, Seno Nakakami, and Setsuna Sakurazaki in its archives.

Justice For Those Who Are ForgottenEdit

Sabashii Kokuei's autobiography.

Mages vs. Mars, the Complete Visual EncyclopediaEdit

Avisual reference book on the Mages vs. Mars event during Mahorafest.

On a Wing and a StormEdit

A large tome that contains the entire escapades of the Kuro Arashi crew and Ala Alba. It could more or less be considered an in-universe analogue of the story itself.

Ronin's ParadiseEdit

Keitaro Urashima's autobiography.

Spreading My WingsEdit

The memoirs of Naru Narusegawa.

Three GuardiansEdit

Surprisingly not an autobiography, but a reference book published by Megumi Natsume.

The Unification War, Volume 1: OverturesEdit

The first of a series of encyclopedias detailing the full events of the Unification War. The author Jusuchin, has stated that it is a run of 20 volumes.

Wild at HeartEdit

Hiroyuki Murakami's autobiography.