Chapter 3: Better Men
Future Perfect: Chao Lingshen's Tale chapter
Focus CharacterChao Lingshen
PlaceMahora Academy
Chapter Chronology
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"Let us never forget, those who journeyed into the howling dark, and did not return..."
Lord Terrance Hood

The third chapter of Future Perfect: Chao Lingshen's Tale. It covers part of the war in the future of modern day and a short scene where Chao Lingshen returns to the future.

Chapter SynopsisEdit

It is late at night and it is the year 2012, Chao is at the Mahora Academy. She ventures through it, armed, to the Engineering Division. Upon entering, she meets Yuuna and many of the other students of Negi Springfield's class. She looks at the faces of the girls who's ancestors she knew in the future. The time traveler mentions it after a small amount of asking, and reveals that painful night upon the Athens to the girls.

Kazumi suggests they take a picture for Chao to have, so that she might have a token to remember them all, ancestors and girls, by. The picture is taken... but it reveals something entirely strange. Each girl is accompanied by a ghostly visage of their descendant on the image taken by the camera.

A disembodied voice, who then appears and names himself Julias Vandole and one of the Three Guardians, explains that souls are eternal and that the souls of Squad Six were drawn into the Cassiopeia when she used it to jump. Thus, they've been with Chao the entire time.

Vandole fades away after explaining everything... and Chao elects to keep the photo.

The scene switches to the far future, Chao's time where she stands next to a memorial that remembers the fallen. She speaks with Lord Hood for a time and concludes that she feels like she lacks purpose and might finally return to the past for good. The story ends the beginning of Lord Hood's memorial speech: "But let us never forget, those who journeyed into the howling dark, and did not return..."



  • As the plot and storyline of Project: Arashi had been in a very fluid state when this story was originally written, the third chapter has been declared out-of-continuity by the author. This indicates that, rather than being completely non-canon, that the events have been altered but the spirit of the events remain. It can be considered a deleted scene in Project: Arashi.