"Kill me or release me, parasite. But do not waste my time with talk."
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Gandolfini upon receiving shocking news during Mages vs. Mars at Mahorafest.
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Mahora, Japan


Unknown, presumably 30 ~ 40

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196cm (6' 7")

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Family and Political Information

Mahora Academy

"I see. Regrettable that you refuse to cooperate. In that event, we have no choice but to take you all into custody for your punishment to be decided upon at a later time."
—Gandolfini, talking to the Kuro Arashi crew during Kuro Arashi vs. Mahou Ten

Gandolfini (ガンドルフィーニ, Gandorufini) is a character from the series Negima!: Magister Negi Magi by Ken Akamatsu. He is a dark-skinned mage, probably a teacher at Mahora Academy. Gandolfini is married and has one daughter. uses guns and is possibly a mercenary. He has a lot of distrust to Chao Lingshen due to her actions in revealing magic.


Kuro Arashi vs. Mahou TenEdit

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Mahora FestivalEdit

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On the night before the festival, Mei Narusegawa, Takane D. Goodman and Gandolfini made up the group that arrested Chao, but released her on behalf of Negi.

Later, he finds out the truth behind the Mahora Fighting Tournament and that Chao was using this event to reveal the existence of magic. He and the school wizards confronted Chao at the end of the tournament but she escaped using her "time machine" watch. He confronts Negi Springfield and holds him partly responsible for the secret of magic being revealed to the world. This is because had Negi let Chao be arrested, the existence of magic may not have been revealed. Therefore, he had Negi imprisoned. However, it seems that all the mages at Mahora may be punished for their failure to stop Chao.

As a result, he goes on a bit of a drinking binge, since he feels that this will be his last time before he is turned into an ermine. He also worries about his daughter's welfare, and feels bad for having to arrest Negi. In his drunken stupor, Asuna Kagurazaka and Ku Fei knock him out during their attempt to rescue Negi.

Mages vs. MarsEdit

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He later shows up back in the present with the other teachers in battling Chao's army of robots and controlled demons, but falls victim to one of Mana Tatsumiya's time-displacement bullets, despite managing to intercept it mid-flight with a shot of his own.