Interludes: Steel and Heart
Fan Fiction
Written by Chris Ganale
Original run July 8, 2008 – ongoing
Chapters 4
"The two children were bound from the beginning by a red string of fate."
Tsuruko Aoyama

Interludes: Steel and Heart is a fan fiction authored by Chris Ganale, as part of the Project Arashi series of works. It is a series of interludes focusing on the lives of Seno Nakakami and Motoko Aoyama, beginning with their childhood in Shinmeiryu. It includes deleted scenes from Kuro Arashi: The Black Storm and Kuro Arashi: The Prequel Story.

Brief SummaryEdit

Each character has stories to tell. Listen well to the stories of the swordmaster and the swordmaiden, of their intertwined fates, weaved together by a red string and joining a tapestry of life and love, between Heaven and Earth.

Chapter SummariesEdit


The pieces seem well recieved, judging by reviews.


Kuro Arashi

Shimeiryu Dojo

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