Interludes: Steel and Heart chapter
Focus CharacterMotoko Nakakami, Seno Nakakami
Chapter Chronology
Feathers ← Chocolate → Shadow
"Baking chocolate? I thought we were a little past this stage, aren't we?"
Seno Nakakami

The third short fiction of Interludes: Steel and Heart. It covers Motoko Nakakami and Seno Nakakami celebrating Valentine's Day.

Chapter SynopsisEdit

Set in 2008 when Motoko and Seno have already been married, Seno awakes on Valentine's Day to Motoko reentering their room. The couple shares a close moment of snuggles and kissing, after which Motoko removes a back of peanut butter baking chips, a favored treat of Seno's. As Motoko begins to move into a more sensual mood, Shinobu Maehara knocks at the door of the couple's apartment, stating Seno's honmei, the Valentine chocolate Motoko is making for her husband, is finished cooking.

The couple head down stairs, where Motoko presents Seno with the chocolate she made, shaped like a Spartan helmet from Halo. He marvels at it, and the fact that Motoko made it herself, and tastes it. Saying it is a job well done, he also gives a piece to Motoko so she may try it herself. Shortly after the swordswoman yawns, and Seno realizes Motoko must have been up quite early in the morning to make the treat.

He shoos her back upstairs, heading with her, and the couple sleeps contently together.