Red Silk
Interludes: Steel and Heart chapter
Focus CharacterMotoko Aoyama, Seno Nakakami
PlaceShinmeiryu Dojo
Chapter Chronology
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"Let's... Let's be in love when we grow up!"
Motoko Aoyama

The first short fiction of Interludes: Steel and Heart. It covers an exchange between Motoko Aoyama and Seno Nakakami during their youth.

Chapter SynopsisEdit

The chapter covers a story that opens with five-year-olds Motoko and Seno playing tag at the Shinmeiryu dojo while Motoko's sister, Tsuruko Aoyama, watches them. Motoko's elder sister then herds them inside to get them read for the summer festival later that evening.

At the festival, Seno wins Motoko a bear (though it causes him so much effort he decides shooting games aren't for him) and the two children snack on cotton candy. Motoko then blurts out that the two of them ought to be in love when they grow up. Though neither of the children known what that really means, they both agree it is a good idea and promise that it will be so. They two share a rather bumbling childhood kiss.