Interludes: Steel and Heart chapter
Focus CharacterMotoko Nakakami, Seno Nakakami
Chapter Chronology
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"Oh yes, you're too cool to visit your parents."
Jane Nakakami

The fourth short fiction of Interludes: Steel and Heart. It covers Motoko Nakakami and Seno Nakakami going to Seno's parent's house, whereupon he receives a new sword.

Chapter SynopsisEdit

The story opens in 2007, with Seno and Motoko visting Seno's parents house in Hinata. They talk of Dungeons & Dragons before entering the house. The couple is greeted by Seno's parents, with Jane Nakakami and Totoya Nakakami welcoming them into the house. Talk begins on about Seno forgetting being trained in Shinmeiryu, and Motoko mentions that the important thing is not that he forgot at first, but rather that he remembered in the end.

The family converses, with Seno questioning why his parents requested he bring his sword, Shinaijou. Seno's father then informs him that Seno should recall being told he would be presented with the remainder of their family's daisho should he need it, and should the time call for it. Totoya then presents Seno with Kagetaku, the other half of the Nakakami family daisho.

The sword is magical, and shortly there after, Kazue Aoyama appears from within it. Explaining her back story as spirit bound to the blade and to the service of its wielder, Seno and Kazue talk for a time, mainly with Kazue relating the powers of the combined daisho and her own abilities.

The story closes with the couple leaving and Motoko commenting that there is never a dull moment.