The Island Republic of MolMol or sometimes refered to as the Kingdom of MolMol is an island located near Pararakelse in the Pacific Ocean, near the International Date Line.

Ruled by a monarchy, the kingdom’s location is noted for once being at the centre of an ancient Turtle Civilization that Noriyasu Seta is searching for. The kingdom’s people are notable for being vigorously eccentric and rather brash in comparison to other countries such as Japan.

The country has a military conscript program that even royalty must obey, with a minimum of three years service.


Honeymoon TodaiEdit

Based off of the legend of the Todai Ruins, Honeymoon Todai is a tourist trap for couples-in-love, located in the Island Republic of MolMol. This "Bridal Mecca", known as the "Honeymoon Capital of the World", is a successful location for honeymooners and those wishing to get married, Todai receives a few hundred couples each year from Japan alone.


Todai RuinsEdit

Appearing only under the light of a Red Moon, the Todai Ruins is the modern day remainder of what was once the capital city of the ancient Turtle Civilization, located in the Island Republic of MolMol.

As the legend goes; around 600 B.C., the City of Todai was the heart of the Great Turtle civilization that spanned the entire Pacific Ocean.

A glorious utopia, it was almost five times the size of Pararakelse and possessed only peaceful harmony between man and turtle kind. Legend had it that all that was needed for peace or even everlasting love was for two species or lovers to make a pilgrimage to this religious Mecca together.


  • The eye is a prominent symbol, appearing on many MolMol items, vehicles and designs. Kaolla Su’s various inventions all feature the symbol (apart from the Mecha-series robots).
  • The kingdom is shown to be remarkably similar to India in terms of dress and architecture. They even use elephants as mounts.
  • Kaolla admits that her goal is to turn her country into an electronics powerhouse that would rival Japan.
  • In MolMol there is a species of "hot springs fish" that live in hot water. They are carnivorous.