Kuro Arashi: Before the Storm
Fan Fiction
Written by Chris Ganale
Demographic, Archive of Our Own
Original run November 21, 2007 – ongoing
This article is about the story. For the faction, see Kuro Arashi.
"A single change can drastically alter the way a world’s unfolds. One person’s actions, a decision made, a world destroyed. Or perhaps a world saved. Within these pages, you will read the story of one such world, one that could have had a very different outcome, if not for the individuals whose stories are told within."
—Chao Lingshen, Foreword to "On a Wing and a Storm"

Kuro Arashi: Before the Storm is a fan fiction authored by Chris Ganale, as part of the Project Arashi series of works. As the title indicates, it is the tale of the events before Kuro Arashi: The Black Storm, and follows the events of the year's time while the Love Hina characters and Seno Nakagami's lives at Hinata-Sou. It follows closely the events of the Love Hina anime, going in an episodic sequence, but adapting the events to suit the Kuro Arashi universe.

In short, it is the story of how both Seno Nakagami and Motoko Aoyama and Keitaro Urashima and Naru Narusegawa came together, culminating with the first chapter of its sequel.

Plot SummaryEdit

Seno Nakagami returns to Hinata-Sou after his years in America. He is reunited with Keitaro Urashima and meets the residents of the Hinata Inn (with some rough introductions between he and Motoko Aoyama). The Hinata residents decide, after some talk, that it would be acceptable that Seno live with them at Hinata-Sou temporarily. As such, Motoko asks Seno to be her sparring partner, due to the fact he is an accomplished swordsman.

Chapter SummariesEdit


Of the reviews with notable content, the story seems to be favored by readers.



  • Before the Storm follows the episodes of the anime mostly episode by episode, starting with episode 7 in relation to the prologue.