Chapter II: A Bright New Day
Kuro Arashi: The Black Storm chapter
Focus CharacterKeitaro Urashima, Motoko Aoyama, Naru Narusegawa, Seno Nakakami
Chapter Chronology
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"Life was better and brighter from that morning on, even considering all that lay ahead."
Keitaro Urashima, Ronin's Paradise

The second chapter of Kuro Arashi: The Black Storm. It opens the saga with the beginning of the relationships for the two main couples of the cast.

Chapter SynopsisEdit

The day dawns with the residents of the Hinata-Sou stirring. Shinobu Maehara works on breakfast, Haruka Urashima and Mitsune Konno read the morning paper and Kaolla Su and Tama sit down to morning cartoons.

Naru Narusegawa wakes to find Keitaro Urashima has a protective arm around her and they share the same futon. Though her initial instinct is to react violently, she quashes the want and stirs Keitaro gently. After an initial scare from Keitaro that they might have become intimate during the evening, they are both relieved in their own way to have wisely waited so that they may cherish such intimacy later, when their relationship matures appropriately.

The two then share a strange vision, the very day, in fact, that the promise they were so driven by happened. They both realize that Keitaro and Naru's promise was with Mutsumi Otohime that the couple go to Tokyu University together and love one another. Thus, this explains why Mutsumi was confused for the promise girl and that she was in fact rather the one that made them promise, rather than the one that the promise was made with.

In Motoko Aoyama's room, the swordswomen stirs from slumber to find that Seno Nakakami has already awakened. He greets her warmly. Downstairs, Shinbou calls everyone for breakfast.

Everyone gathers in the kitchen, but before eating can get underway, Keitaro's trademarked luck intervenes, sending him and Naru toppling down the stairs. Keitaru lands with his hand placed on Naru's ample breast. Everyone else, save for Seno and Motoko, expects Keitaro will soon enter low-orbit, and they are all quite surprised when Naru and Keitaro assure that they are both okay.

After flustered questioning from Kitsune, the coupled both gloat about the fact that they double matchmaking has happened, with Seno demonstrating quite prominently that him and Motoko are together by kissing her dramatically. The talk and banter continues through breakfast, good-naturedly.

Around the time the food has left the plates, talk comes up of the Mister Virtual event that Naru missed. Everyone quickly flees, not wanting to be the one to explain the event to a very questioning Naru. After everyone has gone, Naru gets the story out of Keitaro and then laughs, putting simply that Kentaro Sakata didn't know anything at all about Naru's preferences and that Keitaro is, in fact, the one she loves best.