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Type-30 Light Excavation/Anti-Fortification Platform "Locust"
Production information

Assembly Forges


Type-30 LE/AFP


Anti-Fortification Platform

Technical specifications

5.8 meters


12 meters


4 meters


21 metric tons

Maximum acceleration

13 kilometers per hour

Engine unit(s)

Quadrupedal walking-leg assembly



  • Plasma cannon
  • One operator



The Type-30 Light Excavation/Anti-Fortification Platform, more commonly identified as the Locust by the UNSC, is a Covenant-made quadrupedal walking combat vehicle. It is typically used as a "building killer". It was repurposed by Chao Lingshen, the Martian mage from the future, for the Mages vs. Mars conflicts to be used primarily as an anti-infantry unit rather than a anti-fortification platform.


The Locust is a smaller counterpart to the Scarab walker, possessing one rotating turret which hosts a single large plasma cannon. It does not share the Scarab's spiked "feet", though it has been seen using its legs to climb over obstacles in a similar manner to its larger cousin. Its central turret looks similar to a Banshee's cockpit. It fires a straight purple-pink beam, which is a useful weapon against enemy ground and air targets. It has a very long and effective range and can hit enemy forces when even their longest-ranged units cannot strike back. The Locust also has a shield that wears down after heavy enemy fire. Once the shield is down, it stays down, until its shield regenerates. The vehicle is about as large as a Scorpion.

Combat and TacticsEdit

The Locust, like the Scarab, was originally a mining unit that has been refitted for combat. It has the longest effective range of any Covenant ground unit. The Locust is specifically designed to take down static targets, and is only able to open fire when stationary. The Locust can be upgraded with the an overdrive attack as well as with the shield amplifier defensive ability. The former upgrade allows the Locust to divert energy from its shield generator to its main cannon, increasing its attack power; the latter upgrade makes the unit's shield regenerate faster.

It is worth noting, however, that for the purposes of Chao Lingshen, an anti-fortification unit was not necessary. Instead, all units outfited and modified by Chao have been reworked into anti-infantry units. As such, the attacks they used to normally turn on buildings were turned on infantry for her plans.

Operational HistoryEdit

Mages vs. MarsEdit

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