This article is about the city. For the school, see Mahora Academy.

Mahora or Mahora City is the location of Mahora Academy and is one of the primary location where the Kuro Arashi: The Black Storm series occurs.

A large city that lies in or outside of northern Tokyo, is has been shown to be quite dissimilar from the surrounding cities of Japan. Akin more to a European city like Prague, the architecture of the city is vastly European-style dominate.

Very busy, the city is shown to have numerous trams in a huge network that spans the city itself, allowing residents easy travel from point A to point B.

Mahora City boasts a sizeable economy and spread of attractions. people from all over the world make Mahora City their home, and the shops and various attractions around the city show it. While the city itself has many notable locations, the most notable are listed below.



Mahora AcademyEdit

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At present 30,000 students earn their education at Mahora, ranging from grade school to university. The academy grounds, which is large enough to be considered its own city district, serves as the headquarters for the Kanto Magic Association.


Mahora Train StationEdit

The large train station that serves the populace of Mahora City and the Mahora Academy beyond. It is connected to the main Tokyo line and services trains out to all across Japan.