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Nealla Ju
A sketch of Nealla, taken from a discarded notebook at Mahora.
Biographical Information

Island Republic of MolMol


January 10, 1991



Physical Information







151cm (4' 11")


75cm - 55cm - 83cm
(30" - 22" - 33")

Hair Color

Light Brown

Eye Color


Blood Type


Family and Political Information

Kuro Arashi

Nealla Ju (ネアラヂュ, Neara Jū) is a fictional character and primary protagonist in Kuro Arashi: The Black Storm. Nealla may serve as the physical double of Kaolla Su, but the two are as different as night and day. While Kaolla is a more hyperactive girl, Nealla remains a very calm and centered individual.

She has no actual relation to princess Kaolla, and instead works very hard to maintain her physical similarity to the young woman, knowing it is considered part of her duty to serve as Kaolla's physical double in times of danger, when necessary. She has a solemn sort of air around her, and exudes an aura of magical nights and long forgotten promises.


Early Life[]

Nealla Ju, born one of many in MolMol, was postured and raised to be the exact double of Kaolla Su, the princess of the Kingdom of MolMol. She spent the majority of her time learning to mimic, both in body and voice, the princess, in preparation for whatever would come. When she wasn't learning etiquette, she was studying with Kaolla, refining her blade dancing art to perfection. She was even taught to play the sitar, just another facet of her mimicry of Kaolla.

However, there is a side of her that is separate from her duty, one that secretly desires her own path in life, separate from the princess, though that is the side of her which she keeps buried deeply, uncertain if allowing it free would betray the one who trusts her. Even so, she has no real ambition of ever rising above her station. She has resigned herself to live and die in Kaolla's shadow.

With the threat of impending danger, she departed MolMol, bound for Hinata-Sou in Japan.

Life at the Hinata[]

To be expanded upon.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Black Magic: Nealla is an adept and varied mage. Having thrown her efforts into learning magic, her abilities focus primarily on elemental, or "black magic." Capable of high level spells of many of the elements, she is strong in fire, air, ice, dark, gravity, earth, thunder and poison magics. While these are not her only strong suits--she also has specialties in debuff magic--they are her strongest abilities, with spells of varying levels in each of the previous categories.
    • Fire:
    • Blizzard:
    • Thunder:
    • Aero:
    • Dark:
    • Stone:
    • Poison:
    • Flare:
    • Meteor:
    • Ultima:
    • Enochian:
    • Ley Lines:
    • Triple Cast:
  • Manafont: Nealla's "limit break" technique, removing the MP costs and casting timers of all her spells for a brief time. It cannot be used more than once per day.