New Mobile Report: Shooting Stars
Fan Fiction
Written by Chris Ganale
Original run July 6, 2006 – ongoing
Chapters 4

New Mobile Report: Shooting Stars is a fan fiction authored by Chris Ganale, not truly associated with Project: Arashi, though it borrows some original characters from that series of works. Set in the Gundam Wing universe, New Mobile Report replaces nearly every character from Gundam with one, or sometimes more, characters from Love Hina or Negima!: Magister Negi Magi.

It follows the efforts of five young female Gundam pilots from the Colonies in their efforts to overthrow the tyrannical United Earth Sphere Alliance, following the episodes of Gundam Wing by chapter.

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Prologue: Episode ZeroEdit

This is nothing more than an introduction for the story, that uses verbatim the opening narration for the first few episodes of Gundam Wing, describing the general setting of After Colony 195, where the United Earth Sphere Alliance rules the Earth and space with an iron grip. A group of colony rebels design and build five Mobile Suits built of Gundanium alloy, which they entrust to five young pilots to be sent to Earth to destabilize the UESA and its shadowy controller, the Organization of Zodiac, in an event known as Operation Meteor.

Episode 1: Operation MeteorEdit

Episode 2: The Gundam DeathscytheEdit

Episode 3: Five Gundams ConfirmedEdit

Episode 4: The Mahora NightmareEdit



  • New Mobile Report follows the episodes of the Gundam Wing anime mostly episode by episode, going scene by scene for the most part.
  • The cover for New Mobile Report is a recreation of the second Gundam Wing DVD box set cover.
  • New Mobile Report is referenced within the canon of Project: Arashi, it being a fanfiction that Seno is working on.