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Pararakelse is a tropical island located in the South Pacific near the International Date Line next to MolMol.

Estimated to be near the epicentre of what was once an empire centred on the worship of turtles, Pararakelse has become the focus of Noriyasu Seta's dream of discovering the ancient Turtle Civilization.

Keitaro Urashima first came here when he believed he had failed the Tokyo University exam for the fourth time, trying to escape from his old life he took a ship that he believed was going north, but it was actually going to a tropical tourist attraction to the south.

Falling overboard, Keitaro washed ashore on Parakelelese where he ran into Noriyasu Seta who then offered him to be his assistant while he ran an excavation on the island. Sending a fax back to Hinata House saying that he was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Keitaro's sudden trip was ill-received, with Naru Narusegawa embarking to bring him back. After discovering that both Naru and Keitaro had passed the Tokyo University entrance exams, the remaining Hinata House residents also embarked to Pararakelse to get Keitaro back to Japan before he misses the university acceptance deadline.


Pararakelse Desert[]

Known by locals as the "Desert of Death", the Pararakelse Desert is a desert located on the Pararakelse Archipelago and is home to a variety of animals like the Pararakelse snake, Hot Springs Turtles and the Pararakelse spotted leech.

The Hinata crew all, at various times, cross this desert in their pursuit of each other on the island while Kentaro Sakata ends up crash landing in this desert after safely delivering Naru to the island.

Pararakelse Excavation Site[]

The dig site where Seta and Keitaro reunite and where Keitaro decides to explore Pararakelse island.


Pararakelse Oasis[]

The Pararakelse Oasis is a tropical oasis located within the Pararakelse Desert on the island of Pararakelse.

Initially separated, the Hinata crew reunited with each other within the oasis and together endeavoured to return to Japan. The oasis is also the location of an ancient Turtle Civilization temple that Nyamo Namo's grandfather and Noriyasu Seta were searching for at various periods in time.


  • The opening shot of Pararakelse Island where Keitaro washes ashore is based on the appearance of "Bird Island" in Saipan.