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The Spartan soldier from which Pheidippides takes his appearance.
Biographical Information
Service Number

PDP 2169-5

Physical Information

Male programming


Physically fit male in Grecian armor and helmet, carrying a doru spear in one hand and a scroll with the word "νικῶμεν" in the other.

  • Normal: Red
  • Angry: Unknown
Political Information and Functions

Chao Lingshen, Martian Droid Army, United Nations Space Command

Pheidippides is a fictional character, protagonist and antagonist in Kuro Arashi: The Black Storm. He is an advanced smart AI from the future, having come back through time alongside Chao Lingshen, and serves both as technical support and occasionally as a minder to make sure that the young woman rests as necessary. As such, he is her most trusted confidant.


Early Life[]

Created sometime before 2552, Pheidippides was designed as the smart AI attached to the Orbital Defense Platform Athens. According to Pheidippides himself, this did not influence the name he chose upon his creation. It is unknown how long he served in this capacity, but it can be safely presumed that he was created once the station was complete and needed its steward AI.

First Battle of Earth[]

When the Covenant fleet arrived on October 20, Pheidippides coordinated with fellow UNSC AI Cortana, who had been given charge of the ODP Cairo's Super MAC gun, to maximize their fire against the enemy capital ships. Though able to score multiple kills and bring down the shields of the Covenant carrier Day of Jubilation, the presence of boarders on the Athens meant that Pheidippides could not remain on the station.

Extracted from the computer systems after scuttling them by Akira Miyazaki, Pheidippides was briefly attached to Squad Six. However, as the squad came under attack and was destroyed by Covenant boarders, he was handed over to Chao Lingshen, who was forced to use her Cassiopeia to escape from the Covenant, thereby bringing the AI back in time with her.

Early 21st Century[]

Brought back along with Chao to the year 1997, he acted with initial hostility toward Hina Urashima, who gave cryptic and roundabout answers, if any at all, to every question that he and Chao posed. His very presence also clued the old woman in to the fact that her visitors had come from the future. Eventually, he acceded that Hina intended to help them, though she would not explain how.

Using the Cassiopeia, Hina sent Chao and Pheidippides forward in time to the year 2003, where she met them again on the island of Pararakelse and had them brought to the Republic of MolMol in order for Chao to receive the necessary physical therapy to be able to walk again. This time, he chose not to reveal his existence to the people around him and remained silent as Chao was introduced to the king.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Powers: To be expanded upon.