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Satoshi Asakura
Satoshi while still in high school, before enlisting.
Biographical Information

New Venice, Earth


January 9, 2534


October 20, 2552



Physical Information



Unknown, stated Spanish-Venetian




177cm (5' 9")

Hair Color

Light Red

Eye Color


Blood Type


Family and Political Information
Known Relatives

Kazumi Asakura (grandmother, removed 20 generations)


Squad Six, United Nations Space Command

"That grenade is live?! S-Satoshi-kun, put that down this very moment!"
Sayo Aisaka
"...Sayo, this is a training exercise. If I put it down now, they'll be all over my ass."
—Satoshi Asakura, during his time in basic training

Satoshi Asakura (朝倉 , Asakura Satoshi), service number 90834-98589-SA, was a private serving in the UNSC Marine Corps, a character from Future Perfect: Chao Lingshen's Tale and a primary protagonist in the in Destiny Unwritten: Squad Six. He is the descendant of Kazumi Asakura and shares her inquisitive nature.

Though his traces his lineage back to Kazumi, he shares very little in appearance with her. His hair is a light red, similar to hers, but his skin is a dark tan that makes his ethnicity questionable.

The youngest of Squad Six and the last to be introduced, he is fresh out of boot camp. Due to sharing his first name with squadmate Satoshi Saotome, he is primarily addressed by his surname by his squadmates, whether they are on mission or not.


Early LifeEdit

Being so young, Satoshi has spend much of his youth hearing about the Covenant. Unlike some inhabitants of Earth, he poured himself into the battles that surrounded the outer and inner colonies. His curious nature lead him to be a member of his school's Newspaper Club, which allowed him to pen a number of articles for his school's paper about the Human-Covenant war, some of which found it into his home town's official publications.

Satoshi spent most of his youth reporting such events and coming to terms with the everlasting secret of his lineage; the companionship with an ages old ghost, Sayo Aisaka. Having been a spirit guardian of the Asakura lineage since the days of Mages vs. Mars, Sayo had taken to attaching herself to the first born of each generation, making Satoshi the newest of the number Sayo had devoted her existence to protecting. As such, Satoshi shares a generations old bond with the ghost, and his lineage has come to share a latent magical mediumship-power that Sayo fuels through her own powers.

While always being interested in the war and its many facets, he never saw himself serving in it. Until the death of his friend, in service with the UNSC, during the Battle of Fumirole. Shortly after, Satoshi enlisted. Sayo accompanied him, though he had her swear up and down that she would not aide him through his basic training.

Service in the UNSCEdit

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Squad Six.Edit

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Ghost Powers: Satoshi, through his ability to channel Sayo's powers, is capable of using some of the abilities of a ghost. Though after basic training and scouting by ONI he does not use them nearly as much, he is capable of semi-invisibility and the levitation of objects.