Kyōto Shinmeiryū
(京都 神鳴流)
Also known as God's Cry School
Date founded Unknown, prior to Muromachi period
Country of origin Japan
Current head Tsuruko Aoyama
Arts taught Shinmeiryu
Ancestor arts Kendo
Practitioners Tsuruko Aoyama, Eishun Konoe, Motoko Nakagami, Seno Nakagami, Setsuna Sakurazaki
"Seeing a Shinmei fight in that miko-type outfit isn't a big deal. That's just a Tuesday for us. Seeing a Shinmei roll in full armor? Well, you're still lucky in that case, because seeing them means your ass isn't on their list."
Seno Nakagami

Shinmeiryu (神鳴流, Shinmei-ryū), meaning "God's Cry School", is an ancient Japanese martial art with roots in Kendo. Shinmeiryu blends the sword technique and discipline of Kendo with an additional, secret art of ki manipulation, for the ultimate goal of slaying demons and upholding honor and justice.


Originally created as a combat troop with unparalleled power to protect Kyoto and avenge misused magic, the Shinmeiryu troop were also made guardians of the Japanese talisman users; assisting the onmyou wizards as bodyguards during magic wars.

In modern times the Shinmeiryu often act as expert demon slayers and exorcists, the swordswomen of Shinmeiryu are adept at using their ki energy in combat and also act as aides or hired mercenaries to the Kansai Magic Association, with whom they have long-standing ties. In the past, the partnership of the Shinmeiryu's swordsmanship and Kansai's traditional magic was a formidable combination.

While the school and Shinmeiryu Dojo were originally owned and run by the Aoyama family, the school was eventually declared a national landmark and became the formal property of the government of Japan.

Equipment and StyleEdit

The Shinmeiryu is a style primarily based on swords, katana in particular. However, all practitioners are expected to be adept at unarmed combat, and generally other weapons beside the sword as well. Both Touko Kuzunoha and Setsuna Sakurazaki use the nodachi, the Japanese anti-cavalry war sword. Most normal swordsmen cannot wield the nodachi with dexterity due to its great length, but Shinmeiryu swordsmen handle it with precision and speed due to their higher-than-average strength and speed. The nodachi is the most common weapon of the Kyoto Shinmeiryu because they are effective against large opponents such as the monsters that Shinmeiryu swordsmen subdued in the past.

The Shinmeiryu school weapons-of-choice are primarily based around the katana, kodachi and nodachi. However, practitioners are expected to be adept in unarmed combat and other general weapons aside from their sword. Along with formidable physical combat skills, Shinmeiryu warriors also possess knowledge of eastern magic; possessing the ability to learn onmyoudou magic and use shikigami (special constructs of limited intelligence made of paper and controlled by magic).

As their primary skill’s are based on their ki, Shinmeiryu practitioners may be skilled with whatever weaponry they have on hand, be they swords, knives, deck brushes or chopsticks. Highly skilled practitioners can channel their attacks without the use of a weapon, simply using their bare hands.


The Shinmeiryu style uses ki to increase the strength of attacks and produce different effects. They are generally elemental attacks (lightning, wind and earth are common elements) or normal empowered physical feats. Note: Attacks are shown in romaji and in kanji form. Liberty has been taken on the translations.Definitions:

  • Ougi (奥義, lit. Ultimate Secret Technique)
  • Hiken (秘剣, lit. Hidden Sword Technique)
  • Kessen Ougi (決戦 奥義, lit. Decisive Battle Ultimate Secret Technique)

Ken 剣 - Sword TechniquesEdit

Zanganken 斬岩剣 ("Stone-Cleaving Sword")
- Ougi, infuses ki into the sword to cut a boulder in half.
Zanganken Ni-no-Tachi 斬岩剣 弐の太刀 ("Stone-Cleaving Sword, Second Strike")
- Ougi, cuts an object behind a person without injuring the person.
Zanmaken 斬魔剣 ("Evil-Cutting Sword")
- Ougi, disperses demonic spirits.
Zanmaken Ni-no-Tachi 斬魔剣 弐の太刀 ("Evil-Cutting Sword, Second Strike")
- Ougi, cuts a demonic spirit behind a person without injuring the person.
Raimeiken 雷鳴剣 ("Thunderclap Sword")
- Ougi, a slashing attack with lightning energy infused onto the sword.
Raimeiken Ni-no-Tachi 雷鳴剣 弐の太刀 ("Thunderclap Sword, Second Strike")
- Ougi, a lighting-slash attack that cuts possessive demon without injuring the person it possessed.
Shin Raikōken 真・雷光剣 ("True Lightning Sword")
- Kessen Ougi, infuses lightning energy into the sword and causes an explosion that destroys an area.
Aoyama Motoko-ryū Kokuhakuken 青山素子流「告白剣」 ("Aoyama Motoko-Style 'Confession Sword'")
Not necessarily a real Shinmeiryu ougi; performed by Motoko Nakagami when she battled her older sister Tsuruko Aoyama while defending Seno Nakagami from her.

Zan 斬 - Slashing TechniquesEdit

Ryūhazan 竜破斬 ("Dragon-Breaking Slash")
- Unknown, seems to work well against reptiles, one of the techniques used by Motoko when she went berserk against multiple turtles.
Samidarekiri 五月雨斬り ("May Rain Cutter")
- Hiken, instantly cuts into a falling object.
Goutatsu Amakiri
- Unknown, Motoko uses it to cut vegetables in mid-air for soup.
Hien Battō Kasumi-kiri 飛燕抜刀霞斬り ("Flying Sparrow Sword-Draw Mist Cutter")
- Hiken, instantly cuts multiple objects with two swords.
Hyakuretsuoukazan 百烈桜華斬 ("Hundred-Strike Cherry Blossom Slash")
- Ougi, draws a circle with the sword, and cuts multiple enemies at once.

Sen 閃 - Flash Techniques Edit

Zankūsen 斬空閃 ("Air-Cutting Flash")
- Hiken, releases ki in a circular fashion to cut the enemy.
Zankūsen Kai 斬空閃・改 ("Air-Cutting Flash, Revised")
- Hiken, unknown, a stronger version of Zankūsen, one of the techniques used by Motoko when she went berserk against a mob of turtles.
Zankūsen Ni-no-Tachi 斬空閃 弐の太刀 ("Air-Cutting Flash, Second Strike")
- Cuts an enemy behind a person without injuring the person.
Jakuzankūsen 弱斬空閃 ("Lesser Air-Cutting Flash")
- Hiken, used to blow an object far away.
Zantetsusen 斬鉄閃 ("Iron-Cutting Flash")
- Releases ki in a spiral fashion to attack the enemy.
Zankōsen 斬光閃 ("Light-Cutting Flash")
- Unknown, seems like a ki release technique.
Kakusan Zankōsen 拡散斬光閃 ("Scattering Light-Cutting Flash")
- Releases ki in all directions.
Messatsu Zankū Zanmasen 滅殺斬空斬魔閃 ("Annihilation Air and Evil-Cutting Flash")
- Ougi, releases a giant blast of ki from sword to destroy the enemy. Motoko's signature technique.
Zanmaken Ni-no-Tachi Issen 斬魔剣 弐の太刀 一閃 ("Evil-Cutting Sword, Second Strike Flash")
- Concentrates the ki from Zanmaken Ni-no-Tachi and releases it, except it can be performed bare-handed.
Hyakka Ryōran 百花繚乱 ("Many Flowers Blooming in Profusion" or "Chaos of a Hundred Flowers")
- Hiken, fires off ki and petals in a straight line to strike down an enemy.

Shou 掌 - Palm TechniquesEdit

Zankūshō 斬空掌 ("Air-Cutting Palm")
- Ougi, releases ki like a bullet.
Zankūshō - San 斬空掌・散 ("Air-Cutting Palm, Scatter")
- Ougi, releases multiple ki projectiles like bullets.
Zanmashō Ni-no-Tachi 斬魔掌 弐の太刀 ("Evil-Cutting Palm, Second Strike")
- Inner 78 Style, breaks clothes without injuring the body. Seems to be used by Motoko to subdue Kanako Urashima.
Ōrō Gekka 桜楼月華 ("Cherry Blossom Tower, Moon Flower")
- A ki-based strike emitted from the palm.

Ken 拳 - Fist TechniquesEdit

Gurenken 紅蓮拳 ("Crimson Lotus Fist")
- Fist strikes with infused ki.

Hi 飛 - Ranged TechniquesEdit

Fūjinranbu 風塵乱舞 ("Chaotic Dance of Wind and Dust")
- Hiken, releases multiple projectiles from hand.

Nagewaza 投げ技 - Grappling TechniquesEdit

Ukigumo - Tsumuji Issen 浮雲・旋一閃 ("Floating Cloud, Spiral Flash")
- Shinmeiryu throw technique. Grabs onto the opponent's shoulder while locking one foot behind the opposite leg and ankle, then flips oneself into the air, bringing the opponent with them before knocking them into the ground.
Ukigumo - Sakura Sanka 浮雲・桜散華 ("Floating Cloud, Falling Cherry Blossoms")
- Shinmeiryu throw technique. Grabs onto either side of the opponent's head with both legs, then flips backwards to throw the opponent into an overhead spin into the ground.